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Dated: 19 Jan 2018 4:47 AM
Welcome To Secure Health Net
The Secure Access And Messaging System
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SHN Products Overview
Authentication Webservices
Send and Receive Secure Email using Hotmail, Yahoo and GMail
KeyTrust offers wide ranges of products and services to major government, corporate and health areas
KeyTrust Secure Remote Access (SSL VPN, IPSec) Solution

Our Services
Remote Access Services
KeyTrust provides Browser-Based secure remote access solutions for a number of Government and Corporate Companies
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Secure Email Services
KeyTrust provides award-winning identity-based encryption (IBE) and provide the most comprehensive options for secure business communication
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Authentication Services
KeyTrust supports robust two-factor authentication OTP tokens, CLI, Digital Certificates, Hardware ID, SMS, Single Use Password, Multiple Use Password, LDAP, RADIUS.
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