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Dated: 29 Nov 2020 5:52 AM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Secure Health Net?
Secure Health Net is a fully managed service that tightly integrates Identity, Authentication, Authorisation, User Entitlements and session privacy into a continuous session stream accessible via the internet etc. SHN easily supports remote and roaming access from a variety of platforms, ranging from traditional LAN connected workstations to publicly accessible devices (kiosk, internet cafe) and highly portable devices such as PDAs, tablets and WiFi, WAP and GPRS connected browsers.

In which arenas can Secure Health Net be used?
  • Specialist access to hospital data, own practise, pathology, imaging etc.
  • Primary Health Care Professional access to Patient Administration systems, Acute and Community care health applications, on-line clinical services, on-line and real time imaging and pathology data etc.
  • Administrative staff access to human resources, scheduling, billing and payment, rostering systems etc.
  • Supplier access to purchasing, fulfilment, quotation services etc.
  • Teleworker access to all internal systems as if they were on-site.

  • How can I register with SHN?
    SHN provides an easy registration process allowing users to complete details through any web browser. A fully supported second line help desk is accessible via the web or phone.
    Click here to register online

    How can my company benefit from Secure Health Net?
  • Providing secure and reliable access to your diverse base of users, from any location at any time, is a major Health IT requirement.
  • Achieving it at low or no cost to your IT budget is a major challenge.
  • Secure Health Network (SHN) provides an entirely new way of delivering low cost, secure yet flexible access to authorised resources for all classes of trusted and un-trusted users.
  • SHN requires minimal changes to your infrastructure and imposes no significant footprint or platform requirements on user environments.
  • SHN protects your budget while delivering instant and easy access to all your users, whenever and wherever.
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