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Dated: 29 Nov 2020 6:21 AM
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2nd Factor Security Options
  • Token: Login Demo Authentication using token or one time password, user has to enter combination of PIN + DYNAMIC PASSWORD
  • CLI: Login Demo (Caller line identifier) Authentication using mobile or telephone, who does not have private number. Users who have registered their phone number with SHN should enter their PIN number and make a call on (03) 96146150 (you will be disconnected automatically). Once disconnected, click the "Login" button.
    Note: There are no calling charges. Absolutely free
    • Force One Time CLI sending: If you have the CLI facility set to inactive on your phone you can display your number for a particular call by using the prefix 1832 or *31#.
      Please Dial:
      • 1832-03-96146150

      • OR
      • *31#-03-96146150
  • Digital Certificate Authenticate: Login using your existing or new Digital Certificate from Verisign, HeSA, Entrust, Thawte, GeoTrust etc (Currently used with Secure File System)
  • LDAP or Active Directory Authentication: Login using your existing Windows, Linux or UNIX username and password account
  • Card Authentication: Login using Grid Card provided to you with combination of letters and numbers. Enter PIN + position of the coordinates shown on the screen
  • Single Use Password (SUP): Authentication using single use password, user has to enter randomly generated password sent to them via email. Password can only be used once and is valid before expiry period. Only authorised office or administrator can generate single use password for a given user
  • Multiple Use Password (MUP): A password that can be used only ā€˜nā€™ Number of times (example can use same password for 20 times only) or has an expiry period (3 months or 6 months expiry period), depending on permission set by administrator.
  • Hardware ID: Login Demo Authentication using Hardware ID, users can register their machine online. ActiveX component is loaded into client machine to extract unique ID from machine like operating system, MAC address, OS product ID, Network card number etc. Once machine details are registered, a request is sent to Authorised Officer (AO) to verify machine details personally or via phone. After AO approves machine details, administrator will activate Hardware ID account for that user providing with 4 digits pin number to be entered each time user logins into the portal.
    Note: A user can register multiple machines.
  • SMS: Authentication using SMS, a SMS is sent to user on mobile phone with letter position like (2 3 4 5 2 7). User has to check these letter positions in master table provided during login and extract each letter specified at respective position to make 6 lettered password.
    Master Table Example:
    Letter Position0123456789
    Password ListyT@2$9CsP$

    Password for letter positions (2 3 4 5 2 7): @2$9@s
    Once password is extracted, user has to enter 4 digits pin + above password to login into the portal

  • Secure Remote Access Requirements
    To allow the Secure Remote Access system to work from your browser, there are a few requirements:
  • 1. Java Runtime Environment Plugin (all browsers): This is a common plugin for all browsers. KeyTrust recommend use of JRE version 1.5 or higher. The JRE download is available through the Downloads link.
  • 2. Microsoft Hotfix (Windows XP SP2 only): A hotfix release by Microsoft shortly after the release of Service Pack 2 to fix an issue raised by SP2 is required. This is available through the Downloads link.
  • 3. Browser Security Settings (IE only): If you are using Internet Explorer, it is recommended that you add the KeyTrust and SHN domains to your browser's "Trusted Sites" list. To do this, click "Tools->Internet Options", then select the "Security" tab. Click the "Trusted Sites" icon, then click "Sites...". In the "Add this Web site to the zone" field, type "https://*", then click "Add". Repeat with "https://*". Then click "Ok" and "Ok" again.
  • 4. Security Settings for IE7: If you are using Internet Explorer 7 (which comes default with Windows Vista), you will need to lower your security level for trusted sites. To do this, click "Tools->Internet Options", then select the "Security" tab. Click the "Trusted Sites" icon, then click "Custom Level...". In the "Reset to" dropdown, change the setting to "Low", then click "Ok" and "Ok" again.

  • Connecting with Mozilla Firefox and other non-IE browsers
    Mozilla Firefox is supported for use with SHN. Other browsers that support Java Runtime Environment should also work. If you are having problems, please refer to the suggestions below:

    1. The browser must trust Signed Java Applets. Popups from the Secure Remote Access site should also be allowed, as should javascript.

    To enable these in Mozilla Firefox, go to the TOOLS menu and select OPTIONS then the CONTENT tab. Then:
    • If 'Block pop-up windows' is ticked, click the 'Exceptions' button next to it and ensure that the above site is listed.
    • Ensure that 'Enable Java' and 'Enable Java Script' are ticked.

    2. When connecting to a Terminal Server within SHN, clicking the icon of the terminal server's name attempts to start up an ActiveX RDP client, which is unsupported on any browser except IE. To start a Java RDP client instead, click the "TSWebAccess" icon, select your destination server from the dropdown list, check the box labelled "Check this option, if your access device is non-Microsoft system." and click "Connect".

    If you still have problems connecting with Mozilla, please contact KeyTrust Support.

    Relying Party
    An organisation that has subscribed to SHN and published some of their network resources on SHN for access by authorised staff or other external parties. The organisation 'relies' upon SHN to provide authentication and secure access to their resources.

    External User
    Sponsored third party users who are external to relying party

    Internal User
    Staff sponsored by relying party

    Registration problem?
    If you are having problem with Registration, Approving or Authorising new users. Please contact your provider's Help desk.

    Login Problem
    If you are an active member of SHN and having login problems please check your "User Name" provided by SHN or click "Help" in Support menu for further assistance. If you are not an active member of SHN please click "Register" in main menu.

    User Application Terms & Conditions
    I certify the above particulars are correct. In signing this application for a SHN Security Gateway, Digital Certificate and / or Token, I agree that I will adhere to the responsibility and obligation as defined in Australian Health Terms and Conditions of network access.

    Status Details
  • Open: Application under review by Department manager or Authorised officer
  • Approved: Department manager approved user's application and passed the application to Authorised officer for assigning resources
  • Authorised: Authorised officer authorised and placed a request to SHN administrator for assigning resources and activating user account
  • Active: SHN administrator has activated user's account and can now access assigned remote systems
  • Expired: User account has expired. Please contact your Authorised Officer
  • Re-Activate: Request sent by Authorised officer to SHN administrator for re-activating user account
  • Revoke: Request sent by Authorised officer to SHN administrator to revoke user
  • Revoked: As per request from Authorised officer, SHN administrator revoked user
  • Cancel: Request sent by Department manager or Authorised officer to SHN administrator to cancel user's application
  • Cancelled: As per request from Department manager or Authorised officer, SHN administrator cancelled user's application,
  • Hold: Department manager or Authorised Officer or SHN administrator has kept the user on hold on some special reason

  • Inactive Member
    If your username is showing 'inactive', please contact your Authorised Officer (AO) at your Relying Party (usually your employer or the owner of the servers you wish to access via SHN). Your AO will need to authorise the re-activation of your account.

    Inactive Member - Returning Customer
    If you have had an SHN user account before because you worked somewhere else, your user account can be moved across to your new employer if they are also on SHN. Please advise the Authorised Officer at your new employer of your existing username and request that it be transferred. Your access to your old employer's resources can be maintained if they still authorise it.

    Active Member, Security Options Yet To Be Assigned
    If you are an active member of SHN but security system is not yet assigned. Please contact your relying party for further details or wait until you get an acknowledgement from SHN or relying party via email or phone.
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