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Dated: 23 Oct 2021 8:39 AM
Anti-SPAM Policy Statement

Secure Health Net Anti-SPAM Policy

Secure Health Net is committed to complying with its obligations under the Spam Act 2003 at all times. Any details Secure Health Net has about individuals or organisations have come from a business relationship or transaction. You are assured that:

  • Secure Health Net has crafted an internal policy to educate its staff on present legislation and implementation of clear guidelines and rules in relation to the dissemination of commercial electronic messages
  • Secure Health Net has your current business details because of dealing with you in a business capacity
Please email or call (03) 9629 3800 if you wish us to remove your details from our business database.

Unsolicited Email

  • Secure Health Net will not send you any unsolicited commercial electronic material without your approval / consent
Liberty to Unsubscribe
  • You are at liberty to unsubscribe from any mailing list to which you have previously subscribed
Please ensure that you unsubscribe from any Secure Health Net mailing list if you no longer wish to receive commercial messages from Secure Health Net.

Please email or call (03) 9629 3800 if you wish us to remove your details from our outbound marketing databases.

If for any reason there appears to be no facility on any of our electronic communications to end your subscription, email advising us your wish to unsubscribe, or call (03) 9629 3800 and request to speak to any of our salespeople.

Offensive Messages

To assist Secure Health Net in combating the public distribution of offensive messages, we kindly request your assistance with the following:

  • If you receive an offensive message which appears to originate from a Secure Health Net email address, please assume that it has been sent in error or through non-authorised means and notify us immediately through the above noted contact details.
Keep Your Email Address Up-to-Date

If you do subscribe to any Secure Health Net mailing list, please ensure that we have your current details by updating us on any email address change.

Email addresses published on Secure Health Net website are for professional communications only and do not constitute consent by Secure Health Net to receive unrelated commercial electronic material. Secure Health Net values our customers’ privacy and we will do everything possible to ensure your privacy expectations are met. Secure Health Net does not use email address harvesting software in any circumstances.

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